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TheRunthrough is a global, digital showroom where emerging and established brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, and Pamela Love promote their products to the most influential media in the world. TheRunthrough's users include top-tier editors, stylists, and digital tastemakers from VOGUE, Elle, InStyle, and WhoWhatWear. TheRunthrough's network has an aggregated reach of over 300M consumers spanning the US, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. www.therunthrough.com

ScientificIntake has developed a safe, effective, affordable solution to the obesityepidemic, a major health problem that affects over half the population. The combinationof an internationally patented non-invasive medical device, informatics andremote monitoring will provide comprehensive weight loss benefits to patients,insurers and healthcare providers. Scientific Intake will be the first Class IINon-Significant Risk (NSR) medical device approved by the FDA for obesity. Thebroadly patented technology is based on dietary restriction at the oral cavityinstead of the stomach.  www.scientificintake.com 

Scientific Compliance, a spin-out of Scientific Intake, has taken its patented micro sensor technology to solve one of the greatest orthodontic problems: compliance. The retention phase of orthodontic treatment differs from active treatment because it is totally dependent on patient cooperation. Poor retainer compliance can lead to relapse and patients are often inaccurate in self reporting retainer usage.  Until the debut of the SMART Retainer, there has been no accurate way to measure retainer use. The new system consists of a miniature micro sensor embedded in the retainer, proprietary software and a reader that displays precise retainer use on any PC.  Now the orthodontist can quickly and accurately see how much the retainer has been used between visits. www.scicomply.com

Chromis Fiberoptics is a pioneerin the technology of plastic optical fiber, and is a leading OEM supplier ofperfluorinated graded-index POF. They supply high performance plastic opticalfibers for a wide range of applications, from high speed backplanes to opticalLANS for homes and offices. The graded-index plastic fibers make it easy totake gigabit networking to places it has never gone before. With Chromisoptical fibers, installing and using high-speed optical networks can be assimple as ordinary wiring.  www.chromisfiber.com 

Ambient Devices provides a proprietary and patent-pending wireless technology called“bit-trickling” to power embedded wireless display devices. It has a uniqueprocess of decoding and displaying data. It both licenses its bit-trickling technologyto manufacturers of products and manufactures its own devices for direct saleto consumers.  In 2006, Ambient providedthe brains behind the successful Brookstone wireless weather forecaster.  www.ambientdevices.com

School Loop is an integrated communication service for all members of the school community.  School Loop integrates with any student information system (SIS), copies, encrypts and sends a daily update of a school's master schedule. Shool Loop uses this data to build custom web sites for every member of the community, manage teacher rosters and grade books, handle semester and term transitions and more. www.schoolloop.com

Recognia is the industry leader in providing actionable investment research products for self-directed investors and traders. We help on-line brokers increase account-holder activity and trader confidence by offering action-oriented research and education for all trader types. Our compelling independent research uses automated interpretation of technical, fundamental and value based analytics to help validate investment decisions, manage risk and find trade ideas. Recognia provides coverage of more than 55 exchanges worldwide, including stocks, ETF’s, forex, indices, and futures. www.recognia.com

SureDone helps retailers reach millions of customers by syncing their products across eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, web, and more with one click. They make it easy for retailers to sell their products across channels, seamlessly fulfill and ship orders to customers, and give them an optional powerful online storefront. Their target customers are eBay and Amazon sellers that are doing between $100k-$10mm a year in revenue. At this stage of their company they are feeling the hair on fire pain of needing tools to help their business scale with a lack of options that are suitable to their needs. www.suredone.com