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Kasisto offers a Conversational AI Platform That’s Actually Intelligent. When you put an open mic or an empty text box in front of your customers, you need a platform that can handle all of the idiosyncratic ways we humans communicate.  You need Conversational AI that’s robust enough to reason and smart enough to delight customers. And, one that’s extensible enough to meet your ever-changing business needs. Kasisto.com

ScientificIntake has developed a safe, effective, affordable solution to the obesityepidemic, a major health problem that affects over half the population. The combinationof an internationally patented non-invasive medical device, informatics andremote monitoring will provide comprehensive weight loss benefits to patients,insurers and healthcare providers. Scientific Intake will be the first Class IINon-Significant Risk (NSR) medical device approved by the FDA for obesity. Thebroadly patented technology is based on dietary restriction at the oral cavityinstead of the stomach.  www.scientificintake.com 

Chromis Fiberoptics is a pioneerin the technology of plastic optical fiber, and is a leading OEM supplier ofperfluorinated graded-index POF. They supply high performance plastic opticalfibers for a wide range of applications, from high speed backplanes to opticalLANS for homes and offices. The graded-index plastic fibers make it easy totake gigabit networking to places it has never gone before. With Chromisoptical fibers, installing and using high-speed optical networks can be assimple as ordinary wiring.  www.chromisfiber.com 

GameCo LLC is a pioneering company uniting the experience of playing video games with the excitement of gambling by creating the world’s first Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM™). GameCo’s VGM is the first platform to bring video gameplay to the casino floor engaging a new generation of casino customers. The first video game gambling skill-based gaming platform approved by any regulator in the United States, GameCo’s patented VGM proprietary arcade-style cabinets allow a player’s skill to effect the payout and winnings while maintaining the same casino-based economics as slot machines. http://gameco.com

Ambient Devices provides a proprietary and patent-pending wireless technology called“bit-trickling” to power embedded wireless display devices. It has a uniqueprocess of decoding and displaying data. It both licenses its bit-trickling technologyto manufacturers of products and manufactures its own devices for direct saleto consumers.  In 2006, Ambient providedthe brains behind the successful Brookstone wireless weather forecaster.  www.ambientdevices.com

School Loop is an integrated communication service for all members of the school community.  School Loop integrates with any student information system (SIS), copies, encrypts and sends a daily update of a school's master schedule. Shool Loop uses this data to build custom web sites for every member of the community, manage teacher rosters and grade books, handle semester and term transitions and more. www.schoolloop.com

Liquidsky interactive Content Delivery Network (iCDN) helps developers deploy and scale their cloud infrastructure effortlessly. The iCDN handles all the complicated aspects of managing a global infrastructure to deliver interactive experiences from the edge. Including, but not limited to, auto-scaling, routing, streaming, optimizing cost, and performance. http://liquidsky.com

SureDone helps retailers reach millions of customers by syncing their products across eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, web, and more with one click. They make it easy for retailers to sell their products across channels, seamlessly fulfill and ship orders to customers, and give them an optional powerful online storefront. Their target customers are eBay and Amazon sellers that are doing between $100k-$10mm a year in revenue. At this stage of their company they are feeling the hair on fire pain of needing tools to help their business scale with a lack of options that are suitable to their needs. www.suredone.com